Course Requirements

You will need the folowing items to take advantage of this course...

  1. A film or digital camera with manual controls for ISO, f/stops and shutter speeds.
  2. Email address and access to the internet.
  3. The desire to be a really good photographer!

If you don't own a professional level camera, consider borrowing an older film Nikon or Canon camera. These are perfect for the course.

If you'd rather purchase a new camera, we recommend a Digital SLR (often called a DSLR) model with changeable lenses. Add a matching 50mm "prime" lens for shooting in low light to the camera kit and an extra memory card for shooting RAW.

If you don't yet have one, check out our Recommended Cameras here. We also recommend you purchase a new camera from B&H, Adorama or Calumet. BEWARE of any lower prices found online. There are lots of scams. Use the Contact MLK form if you have any questions about an online retailer.

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For those using film cameras, we recommend you find a professional film proocessing lab near you. Many pro photo labs offer discounts to students enrolled in photography classes - so mention that you are taking a course and get to know the people handling your film.