Course Outline

The MOPC program takes you from zero to pro - fast! It is written in a simple and concise style that is easy to follow. Designed to be completed over 8 weeks, the course is flexible so that you can study at your own pace, and at times convenient to you. Take as long as you need to complete the training, we aren't trying to rush you. Your password is valid until you finish all the assignments. We give you feedback and advice throughout the program.

Week 1ISO, Stops, f/stops, Shutter Speeds, Reciprocity and Depth of Field
Week 2Various Films & Processing, Digital Imaging, Light Balance and Color Theory
Week 3Prime & Zoom Lenses, Equipment including Meters and Accessories
Week 4Manual, Automatic & Dedicated Flashes, Sync Speed, Day and Night Flash, Off Camera Flash
Week 5Rule of Sun, Back Light, Fine Tuning Exposures
Week 6Composition, Photographic Art and History
Week 7Portraits, Landscapes, Seascapes, Architecture, Still Life and Journalism
Week 8Printing & Publishing - the Art and Business aspects of Photography

Our simple step-by-step method gets you thinking like a professional photographer. Each week ends with an assignment based on that week's topic so you get true "hands-on" training. In the first few weeks, you will be approaching your subjects the same way the pros do, with all the knowledge and skills necessary to make a great photograph.


"I just wanted to say that, having previewed the entire course and working through Week 1, I am very impressed with the simplicity and amount of information it presents. I've never been one for long winded in-depth texts that tell you nothing, but this is very different. I look forward to working through my first assignment--with more thought than I've ever given any 'snaps' before.

Thanks again. And, again, what a great program thus far!"

Online Student, Christopher Mis