MLK Studios Photography School

Hollywood, CA


MLK Studios offers Personal and Professional photographic training to those interested in becoming better photographers anywhere in the world! Study at home, school, work or anywhere you have access to a computer and the internet. We have taught students in the U.S., Europe, Africa, India, China and beyond. The 6 month online course covers everything you need to think and shoot like a professional photographer.

Learn from a pro to shoot like a pro. MLK Studios teaches both film and digital camera users how to think - and shoot - like a professional photographer. Matthew L. Kees, the owner of MLK Studios and author of the online program, has over 30 years experience, teaching hundreds of photographers, from beginners to professionals, in all areas of photography, including potraiture, architectural, still life, landscapes, commercial photography and journalism. You can use the skills in any area that interests you most.

We never tell you what to shoot - only how to shoot. Topics covered include how film and digital imaging sensors work, f/stops and shutter speeds, depth of field, reciprocity, how to handle contrast, low light photography, composition, color theories and much more! Shoot anything, anywhere, in any light and be able to do it well!

Classes in Hollywood or Online. Use the links above to learn more about MLK Studios Classes in Hollywood - or if you live far from L.A. - visit the Online Photo Course. Learn to be a professional photographer anywhere in the world! If you have any doubt about the level of training you get at MLK Studios - check out our Students Gallery.


From Zero to Pro - FAST!